Cargodock enables freight forwarders to manage shipments seamlessly

Increase client retention, overcome cash flow forecasting challenges, and achieve unmatched operational efficiency with our logistics and supply chain management software.

Benefits for freight forwarders

Reduce manual work

Access shipping information anywhere

 Improve customer retention

Gain more

team onboarding

Grow your

Handling 200+ emails per day? Optimize operations and improve efficiency by more than 50%

Our powerful inbox management tool automatically organizes and labels your emails, saving you valuable time spent allocating, labeling, and flagging shipment emails.

We provide centralized and shared shipping information by automatically organizing the information contained in 200+ daily emails related to air cargo and container tracking, shipment documents, and internal communications. As a result, you won’t need to check tracking information manually multiple times per day or send shipping documents back and forth by email—it will all be updated and visible in your email inbox.

Access shipment tracking information and shipping documents wherever you are

Stay updated on shipping information and statuses while you’re on the go. All shipping information will be up-to-date in your email inbox, eliminating the need to run a heavy program on your laptop.

Improve cash flow forecasting and accounting

Optimize operations in your business’s finance department by improving your shipment visibility and boosting your shipment management efficiency.

Optimize your resources with unparalleled data analytics for the management team

Our robust logistics SaaS platform provides a comprehensive data analytics master view of your resources and shipping management, giving your management team unparalleled insight into your team’s performance and TMS system.

Increase client retention and satisfaction

Back-and-forth emails and scattered data can lead to miscommunication and confusion, ultimately affecting your clients' satisfaction.  Our logistics software enables dynamic in-app to-do notifications, ensuring your team responds to client emails in the quickest possible time.

Efficient, transparent operations and interactions make your business stand out from the competition, increasing client retention and helping you acquire more clients.

Optimize your inbox and never miss a new booking

On average, freight forwarders miss 70% of new bookings due to an overloaded inbox or a lack of capacity to handle incoming enquiries for quotes. Our inbox management tool reduces the number of daily emails you receive, so you’ll never need to worry about a full inbox that bounces back new bookings.

Seamlessly add new team members without training

Our logistics management software and inbox management tools plug easily into your existing workflow processes. With intuitive interfaces and simple design, onboarding new team members can be done in minutes without additional training.

Unmatched visibility, team collaboration, data security, and more time to focus on core business

Our cloud-based third-party logistics software securely backs up your data on your own drive, protecting your sensitive business data against hackers.

Our logistics management software helps you optimize operations and simplify your workflow through effective collaboration, clear responsibility, and task delegation. Eliminate repetitive tasks that can be automated, giving you more time to focus on core tasks and business growth.

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