Security and data handling

Built on top of Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Your own document storage

Works with your Google & Microsoft accounts


How secure is Cargodock?

Cargodock is using same security standards as Google. All data is encrypted server-side using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard. To protect your data as it travels over the Internet during read and write operations, we use Transport Layer Security (TLS).

Do you store our shipment documents?

All of the documents regarding shipments are stored in your own Google/Microsoft ecosystem, meaning Drive/OneDrive so Cargodock is not responsible for storing any of your company private documents.

Do you read our emails?

If you need to connect your email address to Cargodock in order for us to organise the incoming emails and assign them to the shipments we need email access. Although this is happening in the background by secure scripts and none of our employees have direct access to your emails.

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