Cargodock is available as Outlook plugin

Turn your inbox into a dynamic TMS system

Extend the functionality of Outlook with our powerful inbox management tool. Important information like email context, shipping status, air waybills, and cargo location will automatically appear in your sidebar, saving you valuable time spent searching through emails.

Why use Cargodock’s TMS system for Outlook?

Instant access to shipping information

Integrates with Outlook for desktop

Simple design that’s easy to use

team onboarding

Handling 200+ emails per day? Optimize operations and improve efficiency by more than 50%

Our powerful TMS system and inbox management tool automatically organizes and labels your emails, saving you valuable time spent allocating, labeling, and flagging shipment emails.

We provide centralized and shared shipping information by automatically organizing the information contained in 200+ daily emails related to air cargo and container tracking, shipment documents, and internal communications. As a result, you won’t need to check tracking information manually multiple times per day or send shipping documents back and forth by email—it will all be updated and visible in your email inbox.

Access shipment tracking information and shipping documents wherever you are

Stay updated on shipping information and statuses while you’re on the go. All shipping information will be up-to-date in your email inbox, eliminating the need to run a heavy program on your laptop.

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