TradeLens Partnership

It is with great pleasure that we want to share the news of the partnership we've signed with TradeLens. TradeLens is a joint venture between IBM and Maersk, creating a Blockchain protocol focused on traceability of trade documents. This means for both exporters and importers:

  • Physical documents no longer need to exist. Everything is digital.
  • Blockchain offers inmutability, privacy, security y traceability in the entire process of creation and validation of documents.
  • Transfer of goods now happens with a single click.
  • Collaboration goes even further including both ports and the process of clearing customs.

In a few more months we will have product ready to be offered to our customers. We will be searching for companies that want to collaborate using the system in beta. If your company would like to be part of this trial with a customer, please let us know. It's a great opportunity so we can all finally migrate to what the future brings and change the current paper-based system.  

All the best,

The ClariDocs Team

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