Microsoft calendar integration to shipments

Deadlines and event tracking is crucial in logistics. The whole "supply-chain" term is based on event chain that is happening when goods are flowing from A to B. What shippers and forwarders usually want to track are key events like when the ship has sailed from the port of loading, estimated time of arrival (ETA) and when cargo is available for pick up. But there are also many other events like when to send invoice, due date for payments, container last pick up date, container last return date, chassis pick-up and return dates and many more.

In order to effectively track the events we have introduced Microsoft Calendar integration that is working in a way of centralised calendar for all shipment related events. When shipping events are placed in the same calendar they are easy to track and all the reminder notifications are done using native Microsoft notifications.

On initial setup we are creating a separate calendar in users workspace called "Cargodock" so that we don't clog your existing calendar. It's up to the user if they wish to share the same calendar with the rest of the team or run the individual shipping calendar.

Example of Microsoft calendar events

When putting shipping events to Calendar from Cargodock application you can do that either from tracking milestones or create a reminder event from scratch. Key fields are the event title, date when the event is happening, and optionally location of the event and description.

Reminder events can be added either from tracking milestones or from scratch

This has been one of the most requested features on Cargodock and we are happy our customers will now be able to use it. Looking forward to the feedback!

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