Email tracking for Outlook is now available

When trading internationally, a lot of documents are exchanged back between the seller (exporter) and buyer (importer) and all other involved parties, which can be ocean carriers, 3PLs, customs, airlines, banks, insurance companies, etc.

In order to have your shipment process running smoothly time is a crucial factor which means following deadlines and making sure there will be no additional costs to shipments.

Email is still the most common way the documents are exchanged, sometimes drafts but increasingly originals as well.

When sending an email that involves confirmation and deadlines it's important to get the back information if the receiver has well received the email and opened it.

Email tracking is a popular technique that traces back the information about email opening and delivers this information back to the sender. It has been mostly used in email marketing to calculate the success of marketing campaigns but it's also quite useful for other use cases that involve business processes.

For example, it can be useful as well when sending quotations, invoices, draft contracts, shipping lists, receipts, or any pictures related to the product or packaging.

Outlook apps store doesn't have as many extension apps as Gmail does, and we are proud to release the email tracker meant for logistics that works straight with Outlook. We provide basic information like if the email was opened, when, and how many times. This information is available both from the Outlook plugin and the web platform.

Icon shows if email was read or not
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