There's a better way to manage shipments.

Turn your inbox into a dynamic TMS system

We help exporters, importers, and freight forwarders transform their inboxes into a powerful SCM shipment management system that unifies shipping document management, real-time tracking, shipping progress, and team collaboration.

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Logistics software that integrates with your email inbox

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Scale operations and positively impact your bottom line by optimizing operations, eliminating inefficiencies, and seamlessly working with your colleagues, partners, and customers.


Install Cargodock from your Gmail or Outlook marketplace and create an account

Cargodock for Gmail and Outlook

Your shipment tracking and information for in-transit shipments will be available in your sidebar instantly

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Automate workflows, improve shipment document management, and get notified at key checkpoints

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Make shipment information accessible to your team instantly


Our plug-and-play approach to logistics management software means your team can be onboarded to your shared workspace in a matter of minutes, not weeks or months.

Overview for Logistics Teams

Organize, centralize, and optimize operations. We break the tradition of isolated logistics software with revolutionary transportation logistics software that natively integrates with Microsoft and Google.

Boost your shipment document management with granular insights into who has viewed, approved, and commented on documents, then seamlessly import and export documents.

Speed up document compliance, avoid demurrage and detention costs, and gain valuable time for payment.

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Insights for Sales Teams

Structure your orders, obtain detailed air cargo and container tracking information, and increase client retention through faster response times and decreased customer touchpoints.

Our logistics management software provides powerful real-time analytics on your deals and financials to keep you updated on your business at all times.

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Analytics for Finance Teams

Overcome cash flow forecasting challenges, identify risks in advance, and get access to valuable insights and analytics on the status of invoices.

Save on resources and optimize operations by eliminating manual tasks, avoiding costly errors and delays, and leveraging your data to gain insights into customer analytics.


How Cargodock can improve your SCM

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Centralize documents

We export documents and email attachments to your Google Drive or OneDrive, giving your entire team access to essential shipping documents.

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Save time

Speed up your workflow and optimize operations by giving your shipping documents deadlines for validation. In addition, we’ll send push notifications to your customers and stakeholders to remind them to approve documents.

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Gain time for payment

Our TMS software speeds up your shipping documents' validation process, gaining you time when it comes to payments. This is crucial for short-transit shipping management.

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Cloud backup

Provide your team, customers, and other stakeholders with granular access to shipping documents so they can validate and comment directly on files.

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Heighten security

Sharing shipping documents and information via email makes them vulnerable to data breaches. Our logistics software stores your valuable information directly on your secure cloud-based drive.

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